My research on MENA gaming has been selected for a 2016-2017 Fulbright Award

I'm incredibly excited and honored to be recently selected for a 2016-2017 Fulbright award in the Middle East and North Africa Regional Research Program.  Beginning January 2017, I'll be undertaking a seven-month research project in the Gulf, with institutional support from Abu Dhabi University and Qatar University, on how video and computer games mediate issues of domestic security, historical knowledge production, gender norms, education and political advocacy in the region.  The Fulbright will allow me to extend my existing research on women's online gaming communities in the Gulf, and previous research in Beirut to attend the MENA Games Conference in April 2017, where I interviewed players, designers and developers based in Lebanon, Morocco, and Jordan.  I'm particularly interested in the political economies of gaming markets, conventions and distribution in the region; how games and computer simulations are being incorporated into national institutional agendas in the areas of security, education, and labor; and how players and developers in the Gulf use games as expressive social and cultural artifacts in and through practices of play.